The Mission and Message of

     This site is designed to extend the mission and message of W. Carl Ketcherside through his books, essays, sermons, and journal articles, the focus of which is reflected in the theme Unity In Diversity.

     While the author characterized himself in his earlier years as a "wing commander" of a little sect within the Restoration Movement, his latter years were devoted to being "a peacemaker instead of a piecemaker." In his foreword to a 1992 edition of Carl's book, The Twisted Scriptures, Leroy Garrett wrote:

He committed the second half of his life to restoring peace, unity, and love between people long separated by the scourge of schism.  Multiplied thousands whose lives he touched through his long years as an editor and lecturer are thankful for what happened that night in Belfast 40 years ago.  As he himself put it, when Christ enters sectarianism has to leave.

     It is the hope of those who created this site that you too will be blessed by the message of Carl Ketcherside and that you, in turn, will share the blessing with others.